To Build Your Own or Not to Build Your Own Website webinar with Michelle Edhouse


Are you wondering how to get yourself up on the web?  Looking for information on what could work for you?

Wondering if you should save money and build it yourself or hire someone to help?

If you hire someone who do your hire?

What is it your web presence desires to be?  A simple information page? or a site that can grow as you and your business grow and change?

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Michelle Edhouse is a business and life coach and website creator.

Join her in this 1 hour+ FREE webinar recording as she runs through the possibilities available:


  • the pros and cons of building your own
  • options on what to use
  • questions to ask to get clarity of what you desire
  • questions to ask when hiring someone
  • do you hire a website creator or a website designer?
  • download the PDF of the information for ease of use

With the questions Michelle will offer in this webinar you can become aware of what will work for you, your business and your clients!

By registering you will receive the replay link and Free PDF of all the ideas and links Michelle will share with you during the webinar.